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At EAT, we believe in growing together. Our franchise model is designed to ensure your success, offering comprehensive support, training, and guidance right from the start. From site selection, store setup, to operational training, marketing, and ongoing assistance, our dedicated team is committed to providing you with all the tools you need to succeed.

Application Form

Fill in the form below to make franchise application


This section collects essential information about you, the applicant. It helps us to assess your background and understand your personal standing.

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This part of the application asks for details about your professional life and any current business affiliations. You'll need to provide your profession, the name of the company where you are working or own, and the company's address. This data will assist us in evaluating your business acumen and resources.


In this section, you will detail your proposal for the franchise. The concept field is for sharing your vision for the franchise, how it aligns with our brand, and how you plan to manage and market it. The property ownership field asks for details about the ownership status of the proposed franchise location. The description field is for any additional information you want to share about the location, concept, or any other relevant aspects of your application.